Summer Splash is a 3-weeks yearly program of creativity and learning with fun in summer vacation.

It includes 23 days of useful experience. It addresses different age levels from 3 to 14 and also encourages students from other schools.

Learners complete their summer break homework supported by subject specialists in air-conditioned rooms including other indoor and outdoor games and activities. It includes:

  • Swimming
  • Computer tidbits
  • Power of Islam
  • Soda and salads
  • Fun with barbecue
  • Educational field trip
  • Movie day in school
  • Movie at opera
  • Confidence and manners development
  • Dining manners
  • Style smart
  • Indoor games
  • Rhymes with music (for toddlers)
  • Aerobics
  • Circus
  • Puppet and magic show

This endless fun also includes a trip to Sialkot and one day out at McDonald’s.