Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings conversations, content, assignments, and apps together in one place, letting educators create vibrant learning environments. Build collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learning communities, and connect with colleagues/ students– all from a single experience.

Online Classes

In the midst of lock down due to Covid-19, TLH Cambridge continued the classes on MicroSoft Teams (an app for online collaboration), which ensured that there was no academic loss for the students. There is no other school in Gujranwala which has achieved the complete shift of physical classes to online classes.

Within MS Teams, teachers converse with students, share files and websites, create a OneNote Class Notebook, and distribute and grade assignments. Built-in OneNote Class Notebooks and end-to-end assignment management allow teachers to organize interactive lessons and provide effective and timely feedback.

Online Assessment

Digital Assessments are organised through MS Forms.

Online PTMs

Digital PTMs are arranged to facilitate parents to have discussion about their child’s academic progress and issues from their home.

Distant Learning

TLH Cambridge believes that realms of learning should not be confined to physical classroom only. Hence, we also provide the service of distant learning. In distant learning, students from other countries and cities take regular online classes conducted by our trained teachers through MS Teams. Teachers assign homework and provide a variety of resources to students.

We have provided this service to students in various foreign countries including Kuwait, Oman.

Different Teaching Approaches


Synchronous learning is online or distance education that happens in real time, with a set class schedule and required login times. Classes are arranged through Microsoft Teams.


Asynchronous learning does not require real-time interaction; instead, content is available online for students to access when it best suits their schedules, and assignments are completed to deadlines.

Online Payment