Why The Learning Hub Preschool?

We perceive that choosing your child’s school is one of the most challenging decisions as parents for it has an immense effect on the child’s career.

The Learning Hub is an outstanding preschool for children between the ages of 3 and 7 years. We strive to provide your child with the best care and education possible. We offer the very highest standard of care in a bright, exciting and lively environment where a child can grow and develop with warmth and security. Our building offers the children a large, versatile, indoor space and a safe, secure outdoor area, where they can learn and develop through play.

We are fully committed to providing quality education, continuously improving setting, which means:

  • providing a welcoming environment where every child matters
  • providing a safe and secure, warm, nurturing environment in which children may realize and grow to their fullest potential
  • providing a challenging and appropriate play-based opportunities and activities, reflecting individual needs.
  • providing well-qualified & experienced staff, including training opportunities for their continuing professional development
  • providing a wide range of resources, catering for all ability levels
  • working with parents and value their contribution

The Learning Hub – has a purpose-built child education building with a range of additional features incorporated to facilitate the accessibility and comfort for young learners – like the provision of air-conditioned classes, provision of a balanced meal and tube slides to come down from the upper storeys. In addition to all these features, our learners are surrounded by a caring and loving staff, where they are nurtured and cherished. We let our learners thrive in a caring and happy learning environment.