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Our campus,

We build character, connection, and community.

We blend challenging academics with fun activities, fostering growth in mind, purpose, and character. In our community, students forge lasting connectionst that go beyond the classroom.

D.C Campus

Canal Campus

About The Learning Hub

The Learning Hub Cambridge, affiliated with Cambridge University, UK, was inaugurated in February 2013 and our mission to strive for excellence began. This initiative was started for the sole purpose of provision and diversity of quality education for every student benefiting from our resources. The Cambridge branch opened up new and innovative dimensions resulting in the maximisation of student’s capabilities. These past few years we have seen students learn and progress with such inspiring versatility, creating an encouraging ambience throughout.

The observations and outcomes have led us to believe in and promote the talents presiding in the students that are yet to be developed. For this very purpose, many programs are introduced to cater as well as refine the hidden qualities to the extent where they shine proudly. The school and its management have provided students with every possible facility, in order for them to grow without any restrictions.

Ch. Muhammad Jameel


The Learning Hub philosophy is encapsulated in our mantra “Connect to learn”. We are passionate about child care and education and desire that children should have the high quality child care and their time is spend learning new things in a unique and fun filled way when they are in the school. Students interact with real-world experts and pose and seek the answers to their own questions.

Salah ud Din Jameel

Vice Chairman

TLH has surfaced from being a new school to a renowned name in the city. We believe that education is not an end but a means to an end. In other words, we do not educate children to improve their qualifications but to make them responsible and sensitive citizens of the society. We have got a tremendous response from parents on our un-tiring efforts to bring up children who are fit for the humanity.

Allauddin Jameel

Vice Chairman

The school has flourished and won the trust of parents to send their children to a place where they are continually learning and having fun whether they are studying, doing theme-based activities, singing in a music class, taking yoga and aerobics class, playing games, celebrating birthdays or even having lunch in the café. We are committed to nurturing our students’ social-emotional development,

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