Phase 1 – Preparation

This phase is about getting ready for the exam series ahead. The more prepared you are the better. During this phase concentrate on:

Phase 2- Entries

What are entries?

Entries are an important part of the exams cycle. They allow us to personalize key documents with candidates’ details, allocate moderators to centres and exam scripts to examiners, send you question papers, and supply candidates with results.

When do entries need to be made?

All the dates and deadlines are in the Key dates section.

Entries must be made by the relevant deadlines. It is very important you send us your entries on time. If you have any problems, or you have questions, please contact us so we can support you.

During this phase concentrate on:

Phase 3 – Teacher assessment

This phase of the cycle is all about components that are assessed in the school, by the school’s teachers, and are then moderated by Cambridge.

You are likely to be involved when it comes to submitting internally assessed marks and samples of work to us for external moderation. Examples of such components include: projects, field work, and art work, speaking tests and assessed practical work. 

On this page you can find information about:

Phase 4 – Before the exams

This phase is about getting everything in place so that you are ready for the start of the exams. This includes storing your question papers securely, preparing the exam room and training invigilators.

On this page you can find information about:

Phase 5 – Exam day

This phase of the cycle is the one you have been waiting for – when the candidates sit their exams. It is when you start to see the benefits of all your hard work and preparation. 

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Phase 6 – Results and certificates

Understanding and preparing for results

Cambridge release results through Cambridge International Direct (>Direct) and then send us a hard copy provisional results dispatch. Results day can be very busy so we make sure the preparations of

  • Access >Direct and the Candidate Results Service
  • A room for distributing results
  • Organize support from colleagues to help you distribute results.