About Us

The Learning Hub Cambridge was inaugurated in February 2013 and our mission to strive for excellence began. This initiative was started for the sole purpose of provision and diversity of quality education for every student benefiting from our resources. The Cambridge branch opened up new and innovative dimensions resulting in the maximization of student’s capabilities. These past few years we have seen students learn and progress with such inspiring versatility, creating an encouraging ambience throughout.

The observations and outcomes have leaded us to believe in and promote the talents presiding in the students that are yet to be polished. For this very purpose, many programs are introduced to entertain as well as refine the hidden qualities to the extent where they shine proudly. The school and its management have provided students with every possible facility, in order for them to grow without any restrictions.

Mission Statement

The Learning Hub Cambridge is committed to providing quality education to the children of Pakistan according to the requirements of the Twenty-first Century and the latest pedagogical trends. It also aspires to develop leadership skills amongst its students so that they develop as responsible and aware citizens. Therefore, it aims at providing a holistic learning environment(through its curricular, co-curricular activities and learning culture) that caters to the academic , social, physical and emotional development of each student, so that they develop as autonomous learners, critical thinkers and can take up the challenges of the Twenty-first Century.